The Innovative Solutions Provider

Levene Energy operates in the oil & gas and energy sector and through its component entities, provides innovative solutions across the value chain from upstream, midstream to downstream.

Integrated Energy Solutions

Levene Energy Holdings offers comprehensive solutions across the entire energy value chain, from upstream exploration to renewable energy deployment. Our expertise and diverse subsidiaries enable us to provide integrated solutions tailored to our clients' needs, ensuring operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Global Energy Trading

Levene Energy Holdings excels in global energy trading, leveraging our extensive network and trading book to deliver reliable supply and optimal pricing for crude oil, refined petroleum products, LNG, and more. We actively trade in major markets worldwide, providing seamless energy solutions to our customers.

Renewable Energy Innovation

Levene Energy Holding pioneers innovative solutions for the Nigerian market. With locally assembled solar panels and the capability to deploy cutting-edge solar technology infrastructure, we empower the renewable energy industry and contribute to a sustainable future.


Levene is an innovative solutions provider to the global energy sector leveraging on advanced technology, highly qualified professionals and global best practices to create value for its stakeholders


To be a global leader in energy solutions characterized by quality, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence


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