Ado Oseragbaje

Ado Oseragbaje


Ado Oseragbaje is a seasoned business executive with close to three decades in the energy industry. He has experience managing teams across multiple countries in sub-Saharan Africa with close to $2bn in annual orders and under his stewardship, businesses have diversified their customer base, expanded into new markets and supported the deployment of technology and improved operational performance. 

Ado has a proven ability to effectively manage international and cross-functional teams while driving positive outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, in dynamic and complex environments. He operates with a unique results-oriented leadership style and is people and safety-focused. His specialities include: Executive Leadership, Operations & engineering Management, stakeholder and regulatory engagement, Human Resources & talent development, and Marketing. 

Having lived and worked across multiple countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Russia & the Caspian, he has a very clear understanding of the benefits of cross cultural teams and importance of diversity. 

Ado is interested in pursuing leadership roles across Europe and Africa in portfolio companies across the Energy and industrial value chains. Especially those roles that require operational excellence, delivering results, leading commercial and marketing strategies. 

Outside of work, Ado takes a keen interest in digital technologies, history and channelling his energy into programs for development in Africa through education and works with several children’s charities and NGOs in furtherance of this cause.