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For our people: We adhere to the highest safety standards for our members of staff in whatever location or project the are engaged in. We are constantly reviewing our HSSE policy to be in line with global best practices and we have a team that ensures that the policies are implemented in all our operations.
For our facilities: We work to ensure that our facilities are constructed in line with globally accepted safety standards. We also educate all our members of staff to ensure that the facilities are always operated in line with the accepted standards.

At Levene, we understand the importance of taking care of our people, our facilities, the communities we work in, the people therein and the larger environment. Our actions speak for themselves.

The communities we work in: We support the immediate communities we work in by identifying projects that would benefit the community, and implementing those projects using best practices.
The people within the communities: We engage the people within the community by employing them, equipping, and training them (skilled and unskilled). We believe that we are successful when people within the areas where we operate feel the impact of our presence positively.
The larger environment: For all our projects, we work to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. We do so by reducing flared gas, investing in renewable energy research and development, and investing in technology that limits/eliminates any negative effects our projects may have on the environment.
Government in areas we operate: We support government projects as part of our corporate social responsibility, by identifying projects we believe are in line with our CSR beliefs and would have high impacts on the society.