Cynthia M. Parrish

Cynthia M. Parrish


Ms. Cynthia Parrish has worked for over twenty- five years in the financial services sector, gaining a depth of experience in the asset management, investment banking, private equity, and capital markets industries, as well as In financial Services regulation. This experience has allowed her to rise in rank from junior Level positions to executive management and, eventually in to the boardroom.

Since the beginning of her career as a securities and investment attorney, Ms. Parrish has skillfully applied her knowledge and expertise in a number of disciplines and global markets.

She has advised companies and institutions on a wide range of legal, market, risk and compliance issues related to their core business and strategic operations. Ms. Parrish is highly skilled in managing all types of legal and Regulatory matters and in drafting and negotiating legal agreements. She is also an effcient and effective manager, having managed legal and compliance teams, as well as external legal counsel to ensure high deliverables That exceed client expectations.

As an entrepreneur and business woman, she understands the complexities of running and managing a business and the necessity for instituting a corporate governance and sustainability culture into the ethos of a business, a skill which, in addition to her legal acumen, is a positive differentiator which brings a unique perspective in a corporate boardroom. She is committed to high ethical standards for professional and personal conduct and strive to ensure that these standards are demonstrated in ethical decision making with the overall objective of creating value for companies.