At Shefa Engineering, we render a range of services to support Exploration and production companies. Some of the services we render include: Deep water solutions, Turnkey drilling and well optimization services and Oil Field Chemicals Supply.

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Deep water solutions

Deep water projects require unique solutions as no two projects are the same. Shefa Engineering and her technical partners provide solutions specific to each project. We go in, put ourselves in the clients shoes, and design optimal solutions that are cost effective. Some of the solutions we provide include:

  1. Repair and modification of subsea structures and pipelines
  2. Recovery tools for lifting and handling of pipelines and risers
  3. Remote operated clamps for repair or reinforcement of pipelines and risers
  4. Tools for plugging and isolation of risers, flow lines and pipelines
  5. Remote tools for cutting, machining and drilling of structures and lines
  6. Design and manufacturing of customized connectors and flanges
  7. Application of remote operated epoxy and concrete injection operations
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Turnkey drilling and well optimization services

Identifying our clients need for companies with competence in turnkey drilling and well optimization, we went into a strategic partnership with Wellsmart Drilling to jointly boost our capacity.With our joint venture partners who have successfully drilled over 30wells in Nigeria, we have more than 5 land rigs in the country that are available for immediate deployment.

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Oil Field Chemicals Supply

As partners with one of the world’s leading Oil Field Chemical/Fluids manufacturing and supply companies, we can supply a broad range of Oil Field Chemicals/Fluids for both drilling and production needs. These fluids, manufactured and blended in compliance to all environmental and safety regulations are designed to help lower costs and optimize operations. The range of fluids we supply cover:

  1. Drilling Mud & completion fluids
  2. Fluid Loss Control Additives
  3. Corrosion Inhibitors, Scavenger, Biocide, Surfactants, Lubricants etc.
  4. Dispersant and Deflocculants
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